adjective & adverb N. Amer. another term for cater-cornered.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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  • kitty-corner — kitty .corner adv AmE informal [Date: 1900 2000; Origin: cater corner] on the opposite corner of a street from a particular place kitty corner from/to ▪ The drugstore is kitty corner from the bank …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • kitty-corner(ed) — ˌkitty ˈcorner(ed) [kitty corner(ed)] adjective, adverb (NAmE, informal) = ↑catty corner …   Useful english dictionary

  • kitty-corner — also catty corner or catercorner or kitty cornered or catty cornered or catercornered adverb or adjective Etymology: kitty corner alteration of cater corner, from obsolete cater four + corner Date: 1838 in a diagonal or oblique position < the… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • kitty-corner — American, American in a direction from one corner of a square to the opposite, far corner. You know the building it s kitty corner to my office. (often + to) …   New idioms dictionary

  • kitty-corner — the diagonally opposite corner of an intersection    The Bay is kitty corner from the drugstore …   English idioms

  • kitty-corner — adverb AmE informal on the opposite corner of a street from a particular place (+ from/to): The drugstore is kitty corner from the bank …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • kitty corner — 1. adjective Situated diagonally across from, especially at an intersection. The candy store is kitty corner from the mall. 2. noun On a diagonal line …   Wiktionary

  • kitty-corner — adjective slanted across a polygon on a diagonal line set off in a catty corner direction across the vacant lot • Syn: ↑catacorner, ↑cata cornered, ↑catercorner, ↑cater cornered, ↑catty corner, ↑catty cornered, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • kitty-corner — adverb (with to:) located diagonally across from something, especially across an intersection Syn: catercorner, catty corner …   Wiktionary

  • bias catacorner cata-cornered catercorner cater-cornered catty-corner catty-cornered diagonal kitty-corner kitty-cornered oblique skew skewed slanted — nonparallel onparallel adj. 1. not parallel; of lines or linear objects. Opposite of {parallel}. [Narrower terms: {bias, catacorner, cata cornered, catercorner, cater cornered, catty corner, catty cornered, diagonal, kitty corner, kitty cornered …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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